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czechglobalhosts (77) in news
27 minutes 33 seconds ago
Prague will host 4th year of popular Beer & Burger Festival
Hi everyone! Today I am coming with some exciting news for all Steemian food lovers as I am going to promote a great foodie event know as the Beer & Burger Festival. Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons) The 4th year of this increasingly popular festival will take place on the Karlin Square in Prague on Sunday, May 19. Visitors will be able to choose from as many as 25 burger stands and beer fans will certainly appreciate the offer of more than
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steemdapps (65) in steemapps
44 minutes 54 seconds ago
Daily Report - Tuesday, 23rd April 2019
Welcome to the Daily Report from for Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. Disclaimer: the data inside this post is only based on what is able to track. In reality, the usage of Steem is much higher due to users who are not directly creating actions on the blockchain and/or are doing actions that can't be pinpointed to a specific app. Global Active Users Active UsersValue (Change) Daily Active Users14,741 (+3.40%) Weekly Ac
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firepower (77) in travel
49 minutes 12 seconds ago
Are We Wasting Our Vacation Time By Constantly Posting To Social Media?
I came across a sponsored fluff piece (paid marketing post) for a flight tickets booking website on the similar topic as this post but it really got me thinking about the reality of this topic! I love traveling and have been at it for half my life now, covering my country extensively and many good parts of 22 other countries over the years. But for the most part of it I just traveled not worrying too much about pictures, videos or the need to up
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scottcbusiness (68) in dtube
1 hour 1 minute ago
Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review III
Hey everyone, This will be covering new platforms not covered in the previous as well as rereview any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful. I will very briefly double check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice. I’ve also updated the category names and made a few changes to the template. I’ve go
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culgin (68) in steem
1 hour 25 minutes ago
"What is Steem?" - My Interpretation
What is Steem? From a technical standpoint, Steem is a decentralized content platform with built-in social interaction elements. From a figurative perspective, I think Steem is the gateway to the decentralized world. Before I go any further, this post is not an attempt to explain the intricacies of the Steem blockchain. While Steem is relatively easy to use as compared to most other blockchains, there are still many details that one has to learn
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kiwifi (70) in kr
1 hour 26 minutes ago
그래서 오빠가 뭘 잘못했는데? 말해봐! 말해봐!
안녕하세요. 키위파이입니다. 지난주 거의 마지막으로 신제품이 아닌 기존 제품들 중 마음에 드는 유럽회사 동물 피규어들을 대량으로 구입했는데요. 이제 몇점만 더 구입하면 더이상 구입할 피규어는 없네요. 일본쪽 피규어도 거의 다 모았습니다.(다 이뤘다...ㅋㅋ) 2019년 신작들이 아직 일부 출시되지 않아서 그것들이 입고 되면 또 한차례 주문넣고 끝이네요. 거의 6년 동안 동물피규어를 수집했는데 신기하게도 동물피규어들은 질리지가 않습니다. 그동안 다른 피규어들은 중간에 현자타임 오면서 다 처분하고 그랬는데 동물피규어들은 죽을때까지 평생 갈 것 같네요.ㅎㅎ CollectA Animal Family 컬렉타 동물 가족들 이번에 추가 구입했던 컬렉타 동물들을 올려보겠습니다. 가족단위로 모으느라 중간에 하나라도 품절이 되면 기다려야 해서 한 가족을 다 모으는데 시간이 좀 걸렸네요. 1.침팬지 가족​
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steemsportsguy (60) in music
1 hour 31 minutes ago
The Vinyl Renaissance Has Begun. Part 2 of 2.
This is the sequel to a post that I wrote earlier about the joy of listening to vinyl albums. Music consumption now seems way too based on listening to a single song and not an entire album. The fact that you have to put the needle on the album and turn it over halfway through listening to it gives you greater listening pleasure. This is because it forces you to listen to the entire album and not just the hit single. Ironically in a very meta wa
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gringalicious (77) in photography
1 hour 34 minutes ago
Simple & Quick Black Bean Lentil Chili- FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
Did someone say they were feeling chilly? or was that chili? I couldn’t tell cuz, honestly I’m feeling both. In recent years, my family has become huge fans of Chili. My parents and older siblings have always liked chili, but my younger siblings have not liked it up until recently. So as result, I did not make it that often. But now, it’s a household favorite so I am always trying to put a little spin or tweak to it here and there. I love adding
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angelinafx (77) in contest
1 hour 40 minutes ago
Wednesday – April - 24 - 2019 - Ethereum - Predict the Price and You Could Win 1 STEEM!
I would like to invite all who are new to Steemit community platform, have basic knowledge about Crypto trading and meet the requirements listed below to participate in this contest. The purpose of this contest is to help minnow accounts and encourage Community growth on this site. HOW TO PLAY: Leave a comment with your number predictions for today’s closing prices (prices close at 02:00 UTC or 22:00 EST), and you will have a chance to win 1
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