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onealfa (72) in busy
25 minutes 1 second ago
1000 day contest is over.
Little over one week ago , while preparing to mark my 1000'th day on Steemit, I have announced a contest. Anyone could guess, what few important things I have learned during my years dealing with cryptos. What I always recommend to remember (and follow) every single day, to all the newcomers to crypto world. Now It's time to disclose, what quotes were on my secret list. Unfortunately, nobody made a perfect guess during the week this post was a
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robinhaney (64) in dtube
32 minutes 46 seconds ago
5 Tips For Buying a Laptop on a Budget
Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some basic types for anyone looking to buy a laptop on a budget! These tips are from my own experience. If you have any tips you would like to share with us, please feel free to do so in the comments! Cheers! Robin. ▶️ DTube ▶️ IPFS
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pinkspectre (77) in recipes
34 minutes 4 seconds ago
Best Blondie Bars
In my opinion, the only thing better than brownies are blondies. If you don’t know the difference, it’s chocolate. Brownies feature a hefty amount of chocolate, while blondies have a sweet, buttery and vanilla flavor. These ones are ultra yummy, due to the fact that they have walnuts and chocolate. They are also soft, and remain so for days. Ingredients: 2 eggs 2 cups flour 1 cup light brown sugar 1 cup dark brown sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder
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nikv (70) in insects
37 minutes 49 seconds ago
Beetle scrapyard
The ants have been very busy disassembling these dead beetles and carrying them back to their nests. To give an idea of scale, the ants are about 7mm long. If you look at the spotty shells, which are the beetle wing cases, that's the equivalent of a human dismantling a car, then carrying the bonnet about 2km down the road and then trying to fit it into a hole just wider than 2 or 3 humans. The shells always lie around in quantity around the ant
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ronel (54) in free
42 minutes 19 seconds ago
Posts resteemed last week: @bricat - Bricat Caturday 😎 @jacksartori - New competition: I'm giving away a lot of steem and drug. @jmehta - jmehta's instagram Feed : 2019/02/15 14:04:26 @ivanzabolotin - Noku - create your digital currency @bricat - Bricat working on his blog @burningzeal16 - Double Time Rap Flow (Cool story) @steemitboard - Valentine challenge - Love is in the air! @bricat - Bricat black and white 😎 @bricat - 💖 💖 💖 Happy Vale
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tradingideas (67) in busy
42 minutes 31 seconds ago
[스팀몬스터] 시즌 보상 베타 팩
이번 시즌 보상으로 받은 베타 팩을 한 번에 열어 보았습니다. 골드카드는 일반만 나왔습니다. 그리고 다양한 카드가 나왔군요. 종류가 많다 보니 일일이 매도 주문 내는 것도 시간이 많이 걸리는 일입니다.
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steemcleaners (80) in steemcleaners
46 minutes 19 seconds ago
Steemcleaners Report for February 7, 2019
Previous Posts, Guides, and Project Information Steemcleaners Posts & Guides Reporting reporting form Contact Us Discord Accepted Reports Updated on 7 February ,2019. LinkAbuse typeDownvote LinkIdentity Theft/Deception LinkPhoto/Image PlagiarismYes LinkPhoto/Image PlagiarismYes LinkPhoto/Image PlagiarismYes LinkPhoto/Image PlagiarismYes LinkPhoto/Image Plagiarism LinkPhoto/Image PlagiarismYes LinkPhoto/Image Plagiarism
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tasteem (67) in tasteem
47 minutes 22 seconds ago
<Cheap and Fabulous? Totally possible!> Contest Ended: Check the Results!
Cheap and Fabulous? Totally possible! Quality food at a good price makes everyone happy! They say you get what you pay for, but something really good comes up now and then! With all these restaurants in sight, there has to be somewhere of genuine value. Make your recommendation of a restaurant with a real bang for your buck! This contest has ended with a total prize of $91.92 The Winner @anggreklestari [Yummy Traveler #29] Sang Cafe: Cheap and
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pinkspectre (77) in life
53 minutes 28 seconds ago
Coffee Lovers- Do This To Increase Your Receptivity
For most of my adult life, my first action of the day was reaching for the kettle or coffee pot to begin my morning ritual of a hot cup of coffee. I have mentioned before that this hot mug of joe in the morning is part of the trifecta of a.m. rituals that keep me sane, and I sincerely thought it would be something I would do for the rest of my life. Then one busy morning, running late to a doctor's appointment, I skipped my morning coffee. And
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zainejj (47) in dtube
1 hour 7 minutes ago
🚀What Is P3T? | P3T Review | How I Won 150k Trx on TronBet🤔
Subscribe on my youtube ! What is P3T? Review of P3T, Know how video and a little sharing experience of my winnings on tronbet, it is gambling i know but i am not addicted to it, just for fun and trying my luck, there are always winning and loss, but for P3T you get in early, you might make profit. Decide wisely, your money your choice. 💰P3T Daily ROI ► 💰P3T Tokens ► 🎴TronBet ►
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