Hello ! Welcome to the curation dashboard.

The curation dashboard is a project to allow you to curate more efficiently.
We display 10 articles per page by default, if you want to see the next 10 just click on these buttons (disabled here). Note : You must be logged in to change pages. If you won't want to log in, just display more articles in one page.


You can see four links to the far left :
steempress posts :
Here you can see all the posts made with steempress.
Steem posts :
This is where you can query the whole steem blockchain. Do keep in mind that we'll only search through posts that are younger than 6 days old max.
Help :
This is where you are ! This page is here to answer all of your questions, if you still have some, feel free to hit us up on steem.chat : Profile :
If you are not logged in you won't see this tab, it's the place where you can review your saved articles and edit your blacklist. Howo Fredrikaa

Search options

Everything works with the Search options panel to the left. Let's go over each option shall we ?


You can set a minimum and maximum reputation to filter the results.
Note that this is inclusive, so if you set 35 as minimum and 45 as maximum you will get results with 35 rep people and 45 rep people as well.


You can set a minimum and maximum age.
This is also inclusive. The values you enter are in minutes. the maximum age is 6 days
Of course you may not be used to converting hours and days in minutes. So here's a little calculator :
hours = 0 minutes


minimum and maximum reward.
This is steem dollars not actual dollars.

Search for tags

Those are the tags you want to search for. Separate each tag by a space.
For instance
"Health technology art"
if any post has "health" or "technology" or "art" as one of his tags, it'll appear on the feed.

Must have tags

Those are the tags a post MUST have. Separate each tag by a space.
if any post doesn't have this tag, it won't appear in your feed.
For instance if you only want korean articles you set the "kr" tag, so you're sure that you'll only get posts from this community.
You can set multiple must have tags, but bear in mind that it'll narrow your research drastically.

Characters to display on each post

On your feed you will see a preview of the posts. You can tune that to see more or less text in that preview. By default it's "450"

Posts per page

If you want to see more than 10 articles per page, edit this option to see more (or less).

Hide blacklisted users

Toggle on to hide the users that you have blacklisted.