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infoslink (65) in atm
2 hours 35 minutes ago
Confirmed! Unocoin acquires its first automatic cryptocurrency machine
Unocoin, one of the largest crypto-trading exchanges in India with more than 1.2 million customers, is preparing to install its range of cryptocurrency vending machines . Although no official announcement was made last week, the image of the new window has spread this weekend on social media suggesting that at least 5 cryptocurrencies will be supported by these devices. But… It's conf
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nanosesame (66) in art
3 hours 16 minutes ago
Draw on Blockchain : (Inktober) A traffic crisis today
When I woke up, saw a message of news cap sent by my father about the signal fault and overcrowding in MTR. That was the 6 o'clock news and I thought it would be fine when I go to work around 0930. But I was wrong... Super crowded and finally I spent 2 hours from home to office when usually only need 30 mins. 今天起床收到父親的WhatsApp 新聞,地鐵大故障,在十號風球後又一次大擠塞。本來想都已經六點的新聞,到我出門時應該好了吧。我錯了...結果平常半小時內可以到的公司,足足花了兩個多小時。 不知道在這種狀況說為何那麼愛上班有沒有比較酷,只是我一向樹獺,所以明天也要回去
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otherworldlytune (49) in music
3 hours 19 minutes ago
WHERESWILDER - Yearling (2015) Whereswilder are from Athens, Greece. According to their bio, they're influenced by both 60s psychedelic music and 90s stoner rock. I would say they've managed to pull that off quite well, but to me, I also hear elements of quirky / mathy indie rock from the 90s. When the album first starts off, it's pr
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sndbox (75) in bittube
3 hours 31 minutes ago
BitTube: An Inspiring Crypto A La' You Tube
This article by @djlethalskillz is part of a creative blockchain investigation series. Learn more about the #dappexplorer project here. BitTube for Music As a music producer and performer, I'm learning by the day that the more I embrace and use Blockchain technologies and Dapps I'm learning how it is changing the way to artists from selling their music, to interacting with their fans and monetizing their work to get rewarded instantly and
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adonisabril (72) in camera
4 hours 16 minutes ago
Top 10 Best Sony E Mount Lenses (Full-frame) For Travel
For the best in optics for Sony Full Frame Mirrorless cameras, I will review the best selection for travel. Full Disclosure: I am part of the Amazon and Adorama B&H affiliate. I earn a small commision if you use my links to purchase a product at no extra cost to you.   Sony's A7 Series full-frame mirrorless cameras are an instant hit amongst t
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sndbox (75) in creativity
4 hours 56 minutes ago
Yull Coin - Brainstorming Art and Crypto for Communities
This article by @cheongpyeongyull is part of a creative blockchain investigation series. Learn more about the #dappexplorer project here. My Creative Proposal for Yull Coin Learn more about my artwork and history exploring the Steem blockchain, here. This introduction will give you an understanding of my work and new idea for Yull Coin, below! 이것이 내가 만들려는 코인입니다. Yull Coin을 획득 하고 싶다면 고양이 지갑을 만드세요. 지구인 이라는 증명을 당신이 한다면 누구나 지
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lemony-cricket (57) in blog
5 hours 18 minutes ago
Dusting off the old blog: time for a change.
Hey everyone. I'm @lemony-cricket, and that's the last time I'm going to start a post like that. Probably. Unless I feel like it. Time to change things up a bit I've been getting in my own way of writing here. I love to write! I always have. So why, why have I let it become such a chore? I think it's just because I am so obsessive. I won't use the term OCD as I believe it should be reserved either for kickass Steemian curation projects, or
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creativecrypto (72) in art
5 hours 21 minutes ago
"Art in the Age of Blockchain" Panel at MIT's Hacking Arts
Missed out on this past weekend's Hacking Arts conference at MIT? Videos of the program and panels are all available online, including our particular favorite - Art in the Age of Blockchain. Panelists include Judy Mam of Dada, Dan Piech of VAST, John Watkinson of Cryptopunks, and was moderated by Arjun Mendhi of MTonomy. From artistic production and distribution to securitisation and authentication, blockchain t
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marpa (64) in criptoart
5 hours 40 minutes ago
El mar en casa
Bucear es divertido, te encuentras con ballenas de color bonito, lo triste es cuando tu perro daña la historia, entonces, mejor te quitas la careta y te marchas sin decir un hola. Me gusta tener el mar cerca, por eso lo traigo siempre que puedo a la ciudad, ya sea en cuentos o en personajes encantados. He estado ensayando decorar camisetas, el otro día hice a Snoopy, el perro de mi prima, fue un regalo de cumpleaños que le encantó. Ahora d
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travelfeed (61) in travelfeed
5 hours 59 minutes ago
🍜Asia - Weekly Round-Up #34
Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup brought to you by @jpphotography. You have again impressed us with amazing posts about Asia this week. The first stop today is Xinjiang in China where beautiful autumn colours await. Not less beautiful is Hpa-An, a small town in Myanmar, where we get to see some beautiful temples and landscapes. Finally, we learn a some Japanglish preparing us to find the closest Makudonarudo restaurant on our n
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