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rollandthomas (72) in forex
3 hours 13 minutes ago
Forex Price Action Baby, No Technicals or Fundamentals...Trade #16 - Sold NZD/CAD (5/23/19)
10,000 Ft View - 4 Hr Chart The chart is marked up already because I'm already short this pair: Forex $1 MM Challenge - Trade #7 (3-25-19) Sold NZD/CAD Lets zoom in for a closer look at the trade set-up. An even closer look of the set-up. What I like about the set-up is price based, meaning buyers and sellers were going to battle, until the sellers won as indicated by strong move
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rosatravels (73) in travel
5 hours 52 minutes ago
Terrace View at Goreme | 卡帕多西亚
Photo Challenge In this photo, you see the hotel located at the top of the hill. This is a fantastic place to stay in.   You see a terrace that extends out from the hotel there.  You can sit there all day enjoying the wonders of Cappadocia. ------------------- Collection of Photos of Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia     In front of you, you can also see 10 other balloons just got l
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terrybrock (70) in beatingamazon
6 hours 50 minutes ago
Use Creativity To Overcome Challenges - How retail booksellers are beating Amazon and what you can do in your business
It can feel overwhelming when you're faced with strong well-heeled competitors and you are cash-strapped. However, you have an advantage when you have less money. That's right. You have an advantage and in this video I share with you what that is and how you can exploit it. I also share with you the success story of one retail bookstore own
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cervantes (76) in cervantes
11 hours 20 minutes ago
Cervantes Presenta @mariela53
Hoy jueves vamos a presentar a un/a nuev@ usuari@, nos va a contar quién es, cuáles son sus gustos, a qué se dedica, qué tipo de contenido publica y mucho más. ¿Quieres ser el/la siguiente? rellena este formulario ¡Conóceme en steemit a través de @cervantes! ¿Cuál es tu nombre de usuario en steemit? @mariela53 ¿Cuál es tu nombre de pila? Mariela Josefina ¿Qué edad ti
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steemitworldmap (68) in traveldigest
13 hours 33 minutes ago
Travel Digest #521
Introduction Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #TravelDigest. Enjoy!! All featured posts will be upvoted through @steemitworldmap.All featured posts will be put on the Editors Choice Map.For more like this check out #traveldigest.Our top donators on Fundition (+35 USD):@derekrichardson, @hidden84 Travel Digest #1 Boise, Idaho USA | Capitol And Old State Penitentiary (10 Photos) by @joshman Whenever I visit the capit
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rollandthomas (72) in scripsio
15 hours 12 minutes ago
Nordstrom Takes A Nosedive
Nordstrom, Inc., a fashion retailer, provides apparel, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories for women, men, young adults, and children. It offers a range of brand name and private label merchandise through various channels, such as Nordstrom branded full-line stores and online store at; Nordstrom Rack stores; and HauteLook; Jeffrey boutiques; cleara
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rollandthomas (72) in money
18 hours 41 minutes ago
Lowes Suffered A Major Mishap After Announcing Earnings
Lowes announced mixed first-quarter 2019 results and reduced its full-year outlook yesterday sending the stock down double digits, its worst one-day stock plunge since 1992. The good news was Lowe's quarterly sales grew 2.2% year over year, to $17.74 billion with a 3.5% increase in comparable-store sales.  The bad news was Lowe's revised its 2019 earnings per share outlook downward to
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musicvoter (63) in steempress
19 hours 16 minutes ago
Thursday Update - Whalestake Reaches 19,000
Today's Update Contents What's New Today MusicVoter Update Whaleshares Update Update Why Musicians Should Enter These Competitions Radio Evolved LIVE! AIRPLAY Token Automation Get Sponsored on Steemit Narrative Choon   What's New Today This section will always contain something new so if you have read previous updates you may not want to read anything after the big update logo below. Everyt
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willsaldeno (63) in cervantes
19 hours 25 minutes ago
  Huela a tierra mojada pues nos llama a ir a ese encuentro con el tiempo brioso de esos ojos que caminan cada gota de aquel cuerpo, cuerpo que danza majestuoso en ese baile de caricias que da a su amada flor, ella mientras se deja brindar un mar de amor, pues sus olas la llenan de besos. El vals se escucha en ese concierto de aves, a lo lejos se escucha chirriar de alegría el chirulí que con su capa se arrima a la fiesta de verdes, flo
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alcidescadiz (60) in spanish
20 hours 44 minutes ago
Poema ✏️ | NOSOTROS
fuente imagen NOSOTROS Por: Alcides J. Cádiz #Venezuela No necesito que me repitas que me quieres, tus miradas y atenciones son suficientes, en las buenas y en las malas me comprendes, más allá de las palabras las acciones prevalecen. No necesito que me compres más flores, tu sonrisa llena mi mundo de colores, tu tiempo y mi tiempo no tienen precio, somos millonarios en momentos y recuerdos. Nuestro amor se define en un nosotros, en paseos s
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