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zord189 (67) in art
57 minutes 4 seconds ago
Merry Christmas from Me! (Video inside)
![Christmas 2018 Thumbnail.jpg]() Have a Blessed Christmas I've decided to just create a short 15 seconds video to wish everyone on Steemit a Merry Christmas and I hope for the best for you all in everything that you do. Christmas is my favourite holiday of year when malls would be decorated with huge trees and speaker playing jolly tune
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talentclub (65) in talentclub
1 hour 51 minutes ago
Resumen estadístico del club del día 15/12/2018
   Es muy gratificante ver cómo todos esos autores a los que aprecias han conseguido multiplicar sus ingresos durante los meses que el club ha estado activo.    El club cuenta con un poder de voto actual de más de 60.000SP, con su propio trail.    El club de talentos cuenta ya con un total de 84 miembros oficiales a día de hoy, distribuidos en 15 rangos de membresía distintos: (Haz clic sobre las i
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livinguktaiwan (66) in steempress
3 hours 26 minutes ago
Visiting the Earthquake Museum of Taiwan
Did you know that every year there are over twenty thousand earthquakes in Taiwan?  Neither did I until I visited the Earthquake Museum of Taiwan recently.  The Earthquake Museum of Taiwan is located at Wufeng in central Taiwan about 9km away from the famous Sun Moon Lake.  It also commemorates the most devastating earthquake to hit Taiwan.  This is known as the 921 earthquake that st
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pennsif (69) in steem
4 hours 55 minutes ago
SOS Daily News : all you need to know about the State of Steem @ 15 December 2018
The activity meter on Steem is ticking overtime. Unfortunately I was away on family business but apparently @aggroed's Steem Witness Panel went great guns. I am sure @aggroed will be putting out the recording soon. On the Tech & DApp front @therealwolf launched a really useful site showing Steem's wonderful DApps, Apps and UI's... Today's TMMT (That Made Me Think) Award goes to @starkerz of @oracle-d who has mad
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aaronhong (64) in steempress
7 hours 5 minutes ago
무인양품은 군더더기 없는 디자인때문에 좋아하는 브랜드 중 하나입니다. 그동안 알고지낸 지인들에게 연말 선물을 하기위해 무인양품을 갔다가 전동칫솔이 너무 맘에 들어서 구입했습니다. Photo by @aaronhong       무인양품 전동칫솔 개봉기 MUJI ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH     한때 일본에 지낼때 무인양품 물건으로 방을 다 꾸며보자고 생각하고 물건들을 하나씩 교체하던 시기가 있었습니다. 무인양품 제품으로 집을 꾸미면 좋은점은 서로 다른 시기에 제품을 구입 하더라도 새 제품과 오래전에 샀던 물건들이 어색하지 않고 서로 잘 어울린다는 점입니다.     선물용 무료 종이가방도 많이 받아왔습니다.    
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joythewanderer (72) in steempress
7 hours 16 minutes ago
Cape Coast in 12 pictures
Went for a walk in Cape Coast city. Being one of the most historic cities, Cape Coast has quite a few nice churches and other architectures. I noticed Indomie promotion is everywhere in the city, yet you don't really find them in the shop or street food stalls, probably some unsuccessful marketing somehow. Busy market, African town often feels the whole city is a huge market. Typical texitels. When I took this photo, the seller lady
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travelgirl (71) in life
7 hours 50 minutes ago
Team Australia Christmas Party with Travelgirl
Hi Everyone, We had our Team Australia Christmas party yesterday and it was an epic day! We had @choogirl, @mattclarke, @o07 & @shaidon flew into Sydney for the party. @Bearone & her hubby hosted the party at her house in the Blue Mountain area so @vincy & hubby @jay.ell, @chrisdavidphoto and I driving up from Sydney. I arrived a bit late as scheduled as I had to get the kids ready to be dropped off to the in-laws and also took a wron
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purapapita (59) in spanish
8 hours 27 minutes ago
No te niegues un espacio para ti solo. 🌃🌇
Fuente. . ¿Soledad? Acompáñame, vamos a sentirnos solos mutuamente, hay espacio suficiente para ambos, ponte cómodo, respira, deja las malas vibras, no te castigues, mortifiques, cero estrés, respira... Suave y profundamente. ¿Halloween en navidad? . Fuente. . A veces pas
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jassennessaj (71) in life
9 hours 45 minutes ago
Depression: A Silent Killer
Being dead doesn't necessarily mean being physically gone in the world. A person can be dead on the inside, drowned by an intense amount of sadness and emptiness. It's usually caused by a series of unfortunate events that piled up and grew bigger until it becomes uncontrollable and unbearable. It's the feeling of being in the dark while learning to embrace it and find solace
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jongolson (67) in coinbase
9 hours 52 minutes ago
STEEM Keeps Rolling! Here's Some Anti-FUD....
![STEEM Keeps Rolling! Here's Some Anti-FUD.....png]() I has a notification pop up on my phone today that got me thinking...Big picture :) A few days ago, Steemians were encouraged to go to Twitter and recommend to Coinbase that STEEM should be added. Apparently Coinbase is considering 31 new tokens to add t
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