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A Journey Across the Steem Blockchain - with A Nomad Soul
Hello guys! I would like to introduce myself with a few bullet points of my milestones here on Steemit. I know we are not our milestones, we are how we behave with other people but I thought maybe some of you already know me, so perhaps a little timeline of my Steem life sounds more appealing to read :) Joined Steemit in May 2017 Blogged about adventure traveling and made a name for myself. Got enough post rewards to travel only by Stee
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coloringiship (61) in elegance
44 minutes 50 seconds ago
Doodle Art | Cat!
Another "quick" doodle from me today. It's a silhouette of a cat! Have I ever told you that I love cats? I am a cat person but I down own one. I prefer not to keep pets, at least not for now. One reason is my son has asthma and cat's fur may trigger it. Another reason is I can't afford to provide the best care for it - food, vaccinations etc. In my opinion, it is **better** not have a pet if I can't provide all the basic needs it deserves. I
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aaronli (68) in travel
1 hour 56 minutes ago
Travel to Beijing(7) - Peking duck 北京之旅(7) - 北京烤鴨
The #7 of my Beijing trip! I had introduced some good places in Beijing. Again, time to introduce some good food! Let’s try the Peking duck! 來到第7回的北京之旅了,介紹了幾個地方,又是時候吃一頓好的!這次我們試了聞名國際的北京烤鴨! Checked about the history of Peking duck and it’s a quite interesting story: The origin of Peking duck is Nanjing Duck (some may say Shandong). Nanjing Duck was very famous in Nanjing and even the emperor liked it. During the Ming Dynasty (1421), the Yo
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2 hours 17 minutes ago
TEAMMALAYSIA’S DAILY PICKS #83 | @happycrazycon, @danieldoughty & @bitrocker2020
Welcome to the 83rd Edition of TeamMalaysia's Daily Pick, below you will find some awesome and interesting post to read about from our authors in #TeamMalaysia! What is TeamMalaysia Daily Pick? This is an initiative proudly brought to you by @myach to help TeamMalaysia author's post get some extra exposure and reward them for their determination to get some great quality content out there to all Steemians to enjoy! Here are Some of Our Pick
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2 hours 26 minutes ago
Apoyando el arte #113 - Supporting art #113
___Bienvenidos a nuestro reporte de curación número 113.___ Creemos que el mayor valor que podemos aportar a Steem y Steemit no solo radica en la ___curación de contenido___ (votar artículos) sino en la ___curación social___, es decir, la curación que se sirve de la crítica constructiva y la educación por medio del ___comentario___ para agregar valor al aporte del autor, la unificación de éstos dos conceptos (curación de contenido + curación
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3 hours 25 minutes ago
How to escape from phishing? 不小心按了釣魚網站該怎麼辦?
source:pixabay 最近看到釣魚連結的訊息又開始囂張,@arcange發了一篇文章提醒大家小心釣魚網站,如果你沒有看過,請看這篇。 他文中提到的這個釣魚訊息,恰恰是我前陣子不小心中招的手法。 對!沒錯!我不小心按了這個釣魚連結。 於是我想到,很多中文區的朋友可能並沒有看到@arcange的提醒,所以我寫這篇文章來提醒中文的讀者,順便分享一下我的經驗。 很多朋友可能還記得,之前我的帳號裏的錢曾經被盜,損失了500多steem,以當時的價格印象中大約2500~3000美金左右,好肉痛呀! 雖然我當時被盜並不是因為按了釣魚網站,我的帳號並未被盜,只是裡面的錢被盜領,至今我仍搞不清楚到底小偷是如何竄改我的權限。想要了解詳細經過的,請看我之前的文章。 相信我!釣魚連結已經是最容易預防的! 照理說,有過之前被盜的經驗,我應該比任何人
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5 hours 6 minutes ago
#cn-malaysia 每日精华 - 第九十七期 @amanda8250 @itrmarcusliew
今天小编推荐给大家的是一位美女 @amanda8250 和一个帅哥 @itrmarcusliew 。 美女、帅哥大家见得多了,为什么要介绍这两位了?因为,这个美女不拼颜值拼才艺,这个帅哥不拼帅气拼baby! **** 下面这位就是我们的才艺mm @amanda8250。 Amanda,来自Kota Kinabalu 沙巴州,是个steemit新人。今天她给大家带来的是《擂茶饭》,这是她的第一篇中文blog。大家快来和她做朋友吧! @itrmarcusliew 家的两个小可爱! 一看到小朋友就想上去捏一把,请原谅小编的冲动。 《两只小象出游记》,让我们一起跟着 @itrmarcusliew 陪着小可爱们一起游一游上海吧! **** 什么是每日精华 我们 #cn-malaysia 是一群核心人物正在为了壮大马来西亚的博客而开始了一系列的点赞活动,以发掘新人。在不同的时候,我们也会在选择性的将过去48小时以内觉得值得阅读但是又被错
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6 hours 32 minutes ago
Travelgirl’s Game Review - Progress with Trade Island
Hi Steemians, Another week on my game and this week a new update has been given to players. I was able to unlock the land to this new area which leads to the “clouds” … not sure what this means but take a look at it below. Another exciting bit of news is I just upgraded my Town Hall! It has been a while since the last upgrade so now I can increase my population and have a new resident. In addition to the above, I am also able to build more pro
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6 hours 48 minutes ago
Concurso de Fotografía Cervantes: 5ª Entrega. Rompiendo las rocas
Concurso de Fotografía Cervantes: 5ª Entrega. Rompiendo las rocas Concurso de Fotografía Cervantes: 5ª Entrega. Rompiendo las rocas   Fotografía realizada con una Gopro Hero 3. Procesada con LightroomPlaya de Los Alemanes, en Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz. Mi participación en la 5ª entrega del 2º concurso de fotografía Cervantes: La gota que rompe la roca  El mar embravecido descargando su furia sobre las rocas d
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7 hours 49 minutes ago
Joy tried out a new ramen shop in town.
Friends told me there opened a new ramen place in town, so we went to check it out. Lately there are many new ramen places, some of them are more localised, meaning my Belgian friends like them more than me. I did hope this one is more authentic. It's called Susuru Ramenbar. Looking nice from outside. Order ramen like in Japan :) looks nice. Ramen bar also looks nice. Hmmmmm it turned out not as great as it looks :( The soup wa
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