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Art-Venture Magazine No.99 !
Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,       *     No.99   This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art on Steem.   *   Today we would like to present you our TOP ten. Absolutely awesome realistic portrait of and @heyjess. It is even difficult to believe that this is a drawing, I am glad that the Artists showed process drawing only then you can appreciate how much wo
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圆周率,又叫pi,大家小学就学过。小学时候学的关于pi的定义是圆的周长与直径的比值,从这个定义看,圆周率是一个几何概念。至于圆周率的数值,我想大家没人亲自计算过吧,反正小学的时候老师直接告诉了我们,是3.14159... 关键的问题是pi是一个无理数,也就是无限不循环小数。既然如此,那就说明pi的数值可以一直算下去咯,无穷无尽,那么如何求出圆周率的数值呢? 按照上面所说的圆周率是一个几何概念,那直接了当的方法应该就是按照几何方法求解。在这方面,我国古代数学家可是领先世界的。魏晋时期的著名数学家刘徽提出了割圆术,南北朝时期,祖冲之计算出圆周率的值在3.1415926和3.1415927之间。这些故事我们在小学的时候就知道了,但用几何方法求解圆周率似乎过于复杂,其实圆周率也可以用纯代数的方法近似求解。这就要用到级数的概念了,比如: 或者: 当然,这些级数有收敛快和收敛慢的问题,但如果有计算机的话,似乎这也不是啥太大问题。说到计算机,不得不提到在2019年3月14号,也就是一年一度的p
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2 hours 45 minutes ago
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: QUICK UPDATE
Bitcoin broke below $4,000 earlier today, finding support right around $3,900 before bouncing. It’s currently trading around $3,950 on Coinbase. In today’s analysis I discuss where price may be heading next, traps to avoid and so much more. I hope you find it helpful. Video Analysis: If you don’t see the above video, navigate to TIMM (htt
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2 hours 52 minutes ago
Amazon Pushed Product Retail Online, Can Tesla Do The Same For Cars?
Amazon Pushed Product Retail Online, Can Tesla Do The Same For Cars? (Clean Technica) In an email to employees explaining recent showroom closures, Elon Musk stated that 82% of customers bought their Model 3 without ever having taken a test drive, and 78% of all Model 3 orders were made online.According to a recent report by Forbes, car salespeople remain “one of the least trust
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Daily Repollo curation report | #0018
Every day I will select the best photo of a post voted - Credits @travellit The following list is a compilation of the posts voted by the Repollo project in the last 48 hours. The voted users receive votes because they have acquired one of our memberships. The assigned percentages for every author depends on the type of membership that they own.   N User Post 1 @steemraiser Summary of the activity of @steemr
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888TRON WILL IT DUMP AGAIN? On this video my opinion and strategy with the upcomming updates to the platform and why I think 888Tron still has the option to move up, DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE LIKES Links TRONBET: BANKROLL: Start Mining: BINANCE EXCH
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Photocircle Digest: "Frame within a frame"
If I'm truly honest, when I first heard about this composition concept in photography, I didn't know what to think about it since the name seems really confusing to me. Although I already knew that "frame" is being referred to as photo or image, I didn't quite understand that the other "frame" really mean. In my research about it, I learned that the other word "frame" is actually talking about an objective frame. It essence, it is referred to
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6 hours 12 minutes ago
DRUGWARS ! When it starts being a game once more
When DRUGWARs was launched and it runs off the STEEM blockchain, there was so much hype that everyone wanted to try it out and play it. Indeed it was fun and addictive and yes I really enjoyed it , however it started becoming annoying seeing that there were so many people botting and abusing the game to the point that finding battles became a chore. This was all because the economi
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Gold…The “Trade Of The Century”
Gold…The “Trade Of The Century” One of last year’s best-performing hedge funds says the “trade of the century” is to buy gold and sell stocks as risk assets are due for another meltdown.The consensus is pointing to a recession in 2020 or 2021, Tavi Costa, a global macro analyst at Crescat, said by phone. “We think it’s a lot closer than that and we have a number of macro timing indic
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Posts votados por el proyecto @templo del 20.03.2019 al 21.03.2019 El Proyecto @templo (Apoyado por los primeros miembros del proyecto y por supuesto gracias al Witness @cervantes que ha delegado ***8,900 SP*** que serán ***usados exclusivamente para el voto de miembros del Proyecto @templo y sus
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