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pennsif (70) in steem
3 hours 33 minutes ago
SoS Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 20 January 2019
Major developments... Steemit Inc CEO Ned Scott yesterday reached out to senior witnesses and community leaders with a proposal to establish some form of new governance foundation for Steem. Meanwhile top witnesses @lukestokes and @reggaemuffin also put forward new proposals to aid the running of Steem. The Steemit Inc powerdown of 42 million SP is currently continuing during discussions. --- --- New Governance for Steem Steemit Inc CEO N
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zord189 (68) in community
4 hours 40 minutes ago
PowerHouseCreatives Contest | A Fairytale Story again! (Season 2 Results)
A Fairytale Story (Results) Welcome back everyone to the long-awaited season 2 of #powerhousecreatives contests. We were formerly known as @steemitbloggers but have since rebranded along with the new year. I thought it was a good time to end season 1 of the contest and start season 2 after we've fully settled down and rebranded our community. To take ur back down to memory lane, our first contest from season 1 was all about writing a fairytale
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rollandthomas (68) in investing
5 hours 46 minutes ago
Nikkei 225 Looking Bearish
The Nikkei 225 more commonly called the Nikkei, is a stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Like the DOW in the US, the Nikkei is a price-weighted index, measures the performance of 225 large, publicly-owned companies in Japan from a wide array of industry sectors. Nikkei is known best for being in the longest bear market in modern history. On Dec. 29, 1
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steemitworldmap (65) in traveldigest
5 hours 56 minutes ago
Travel Digest #414
Introduction Hey today it's @lizanomadsoul writing my first travel digest. I am enjoying my last day in Thailand right now and I am always happy to see what my fellow travelers are up to. Enjoy the read. I certainly did.All featured posts will be upvoted through @steemitworldmap.All featured posts will be put on the Editors Choice Map.For more like this check out #traveldigest.Travel Digest#1 Zao Snow Monsters - Visit Zao Onsen for Creeping Snow
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rosatravels (71) in travel
6 hours 8 minutes ago
All Souvenirs Glazed in Turquoise | 卡帕多西亚
Photo Challenge     The local artists create all their potteries, dishes, cups, hanging plates, souvenirs etc from scratch. For the final color, they glaze them in their favorite color. This shop likes everything in turquoise color. ------------------- Collection of Photos of Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia     In front of you, you can also see 10 other ballo
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templo (62) in curation
7 hours 33 minutes ago
Domingo de @templo naturaleza y nuestras mascotas…Proyecto @templo del 20.01.2019 al 21.01.2019 El Proyecto @templo (Apoyado por los primeros miembros del proyecto y por supuesto gracias al Witness @cervantes que ha delegado ***8,900 SP*** que serán ***usados exclusivamente para el voto de miembros del Proy
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stef1 (64) in steempress
7 hours 37 minutes ago
My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting in Monet style „Pond at Gaesim-sa temple“
Hello dear Steemians,     On weekend we had a discussion about different Art style and of course as always Impressionism was one of the popular so we were discussing different Artists and their distinct features. My favorite among in Claude Monet, who is one of the founder of French Impressionism and famous for his landscape and nature painting. *     Monet style „Pond at Gaesim-sa temple“ by @Stef1   *   W
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master2gden (55) in steempress
7 hours 46 minutes ago
Netflix et ses concurrents profitent aux téléchargements illégaux
  Il semblerait que les téléchargements illégaux aient encore une belle vie devant eux.  C’est ce que dévoile le nouveau rapport Global Internet Phenomena de Sandvine. Alors que l’on se félicitait d’une baisse importante des piratages de films et de séries sur Internet, les services de peer-to-peer BitTorrent retrouvent aujourd’hui un nouveau
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cadawg (56) in bitcoin
8 hours 25 minutes ago
Bitcoin ATM: Trying to buy DASH
Hi Steemians, Yesterday I realized that a new Bitcoin ATM, at The Trinity Center, a shopping center near me, had been installed, so I set off on a quest to buy whatever coin(s) they offered, in this case DASH/BTC. Today, was, well interesting to say the least. Firstly, I got some money out from my bank then headed on my way to the ATM. Upon arriving, I realized that it was already in use so decided to go and get some food while I waited. The A
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bitrocker2020 (72) in history
9 hours 49 minutes ago
NETFLIX Roman Empire - Reign of Blood
Finally managed to sit down and finish Season 1 of Netflix 's Docu Series ( Documentary Series ) of the ROMAN EMPIRE - Reign Of Blood. And I was surprised that I managed to go thru all of that. Revolving around two different timeline of the reign Commodus , it gave insights to the politics within the Empire of ROME and all the challenges they faced to retain power and how decisions made
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